Welcome to Clever Leather

We are family-run business with over twenty year’s of knowledge, experience and respect within the leather industry.  We work direct with both the Design Industry and Private Clients. We produce sumptuous Leather Interiors ... from lighting and furniture to leather walls, leather floors and leather artworks.

We supply all types of Leather and Suede from round the world.
cleverLeather has evolved to be the 'Complete Bespoke Leather Interiors Company.' Offering leather as an alternative finish on almost any surface, for any use. We are driven by our customer satisfaction and our ethos…Pride in our product - dedication to perfection.

We offer a complete competitive service from initial concept and budget, to design development, procurement, manufacture and installation.

Pushing Leather to new boundaries is our business … Leather is always an option!




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Clever Leather | Tel: +44 (0) 1895 675 100
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